how to win at roulette

How To Win At Roulette

The appeal of roulette is so strong that economic theories and strategies have been developed by mathematicians to predict and beat the roulette, with some being very efficient, and others being straight-out scams.

So, how does one beat the house and the wheel, and leave the casino with a big smile and a heavy pocket? The solution is simple – learn to plan your moves, develop and customize strategies before sitting down on a table, and then change and adapt your strategy based on the numbers and of course – your wallet!

Here’s everything you need to do to learn how to win at roulette and become a pro!

Roulette Game: How Does it Work? 

Roulette is a casino game in which players place bets on single numbers, groupings of numbers, or colors, which can be red or black. 

After all the active players on the table place their bets, a croupier or a roulette attendant closes the betting and proceeds to spin the wheel in one direction, and then spin a small white ball in the opposite direction. Once the ball starts losing momentum, it moves towards the center of the wheel, where it tumbles with deflectors and the number pockets, ending up in one of them. The number where the ball lands and stays is the winning number.

The croupier announces the winning number and proceeds to take all the bets from the table and then pay winners, if there are any.

Origin Of The Game

The first roulette game was developed in France in the early 18th century, where the Italian game Biribi was played on a roulette wheel. The type of roulette most similar to the one we know today first appeared in 1796 in Paris, France.

Throughout the years the wheel and the rules underwent some changes, which is why today we have different roulette layouts and rules. However, one question still remains unanswered – how to win at roulette?

The Rules of Roulette: A Must to Win at Roulette 

winning at roulette

The rules depend on the type of roulette you’re going to play. Different layouts mean different rules, and of course, there’s the bet limit to take into consideration, something every casino decides by itself. However, there’s a set of basic bets which can be placed on any roulette. These are divided into groups depending on the place of bets and the amount they pay if you win.

They go as follows:

Outside Bets

These bets have a lower payout but they offer a higher chance of winning.

  • Evens: Red and Black (color of the number), Odd/Even (the type of number), Low bet (1-18), and High bet (19-36) – all of these pay 1-to-1 (if you bet 50 and win, you get 100);
  • 2-to-1: First dozen (1-12), middle dozen (13-24), last dozen (25-36), and the column bet consisting of 12 numbers – these pay 2-to-1, as the name suggests (if you bet 50 and win, you get 150)

Inside Bets

These bets have a higher payout but offer a lower chance of winning at roulette:

  • Six line: a bet on two rows of numbers, effectively covering six numbers. To bet like this you’ll have to place your bet at the intersection of the edge of the two rows. Pays 5-to-1.
  • Corner: a bet that covers four neighboring numbers. You can bet on one by placing your chip at the intersection of those four numbers. Pays 8-to-1.
  • Street: a bet on a row of numbers, effectively covering three numbers. Pays 11-to-1.
  • Straight up: a bet on a single number. Pays 35-to-1.

European Roulette

The European style of roulette differs from all others by the fact that it has only 37 number slots (1-36 + a single zero). All the basic rules are applied, but there are variations of European where the extra rules such as ‘En Prison’ and ‘La Partage’ are applied – roulette games that implement both rules are known as French roulette.

En Prison

This rule applies only to even-money bets on the table when the ball is spinning. When a zero turns up the players are given two options:

  • Take half of the amount they bet, and lose the other half, or
  • Leave the bet on the spot for the next turn. If the next turn is a winning one or a zero again, the player gets the amount he bet back, if not, the whole bet is lost.

La Partage

This rule is similar to the En Prison, but instead of giving the players the choice to go all-or-nothing, it takes half of the bet right away. Whether you leave the remainder of the bet amount back is up to you.

Maximum and Minimum Bets/Stakes

Every casino has a maximum/minimum stake that you need to follow to be able to play and stay in the game. The limits are usually put on single-number (straight up) bets, which serve more as a protection for the casino and how much they can lose.

American Roulette

In North America and the Caribbean, the roulette is very similar to the European, but with an extra ‘double-zero’. This significantly reduces the odds for the players, which is why roulette is less popular than other casino games. Also, extra rules such as En Prison and La Partage are non-existent – the zero and the double-zero are on the same level as other numbers.

English Roulette Wheel

The English roulette wheel is very similar to the European roulette, with slight differences. English roulette allows for a maximum of 7 players to play at one table, and the ‘La Partage’ rule is always enforced.

Learning To Watch Roulette

how to win at roulette

Once you get the hang of all the rules, roulette is a fairly easy game to play and winning at roulette seems closer than ever. But if you want to become a winner, you’ll need to look at the playing casino as a performance that is divided into two acts – before playing, and while playing.

Before you start playing, you should always observe the roulette table you want to sit on. See the numbers the table is giving, how the croupier is working the ball and the wheel, and the players around you – these are important factors to consider while playing roulette. They can get you off your game and all your strategizing will go down the drain – as will your winnings at roulette.

Find a table with fewer players and one where you have a clear view of the croupier and how the ball is rolling. Observe it for a while, and once you have a good idea of the number sequence and decide on a strategy, you’re all set to sit down and play. Stay focused, go easy, and follow your strategy. Do this, and you’ll get much closer to the answer of the ultimate question – how to win at roulette?

Choosing The Right Casino To Win At Roulette 

Choosing the right casino is very important if your goal is to win consistently and not just burn some cash now and again when you feel lucky. Here is how to pick a casino to your liking:

  • Decide how much you want to win, and how much to spend

Seriously, you need to take care of these things beforehand, otherwise you risk losing a lot of money, and that’s not what winners do. Winners plan before entering a casino, they set budgets and boundaries and exit victorious! Winning at roulette requires control.

  • The type of roulette games the casino offers

The casino you pick might be shiny and big, but stay focused on why you entered it the first place – to win money. See the types of roulette they offer, look for tables offering European or French style roulette, as they will give you the best chance at winning.

  • Maximum/minimum stakes

An important aspect to consider. For example, if the roulette tables have a low maximum bet, it could mean that players have a good grip on the number sequences. The same rule is applied if the tables have a higher stake limit – it means that it’s harder to catch the sequence and that strategies are less efficient.

  • Look for casinos that will allow you to observe games

Some casinos allow players around the table or sitting on it to observe turns, while others don’t. Since observation is key to developing and deciding on a strategy, avoid casinos that prevent players from spectating games.

Choosing The Right Online Roulette Site

how to choose the right online roulette

Real-life and online casinos have a lot in common, but they’re also very different in some aspects. The rules are the same, but picking an online roulette site is much harder than a brick-and-mortar casino. Online casinos can look amazing, but it’s very important that you have an idea of what’s going on behind the curtain and if this is the casino for you. 

Here’s how to pick the right online roulette site:

Check If They Offer Various Software Options

The majority of online casinos don’t use proprietary software. They lease it from an online casino game software company. Some are good, some are straight-up awful, and you can’t know if yours is good or bad until you’ve already lost some money playing.

In fact, some are scams and cheats, so it’s very important to divide the good and the bad. Remember, cheats are the exception, not the rule.

The logo of the online casino game software company should be somewhere on the website – google it to see what other gamblers say about their software. 

Cashout Policy

The number one concern regarding online casinos. If you go through forums where gamblers discuss strategies and complain about sites and casinos, complaints about cashing-out winnings are on the very top – everywhere.

Sometimes a matter of if, but most often a matter of when, cashing out winnings can be a pain in the ass in the wrong casinos. The cashing out waiting is more about when the casino sends the money, not when it arrives in your account – and this can take anywhere from a few hours, to a few days. As if it wasn’t enough that you’d have to figure out how to win at roulette, now you’ll have to worry about getting your hands on the winnings.

So how do you weed out the bad from the good in order to have a shot winning at roulette?

Good casinos usually take less than 24 hours to transfer your winnings. Some casinos have a hold-up policy, but the money should be on their way in 48 hours or less from the moment you ordered a cashout.

Avoid casinos that take more than 48 hours to move your winnings. On every casino site, you can contact their customer support representatives or go to the FAQ section and look at their cashout policy.

Tips For Winning At Roulette 

  • Always follow your strategy and keep a clear head, sometimes they take a bit of time to kick in;
  • Observe, test, refine – these are the three steps you should be doing when developing your strategy. Hit the free roulettes with a strategy in mind, and test it, if you see potential, refine it. Repeat, repeat, repeat – and you might just find the winning combo for you.
  • Stick to your goals for both profits and losses – don’t go overboard because the second you do, you turn from a winner, into a loser – so keep it cool!

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