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How to Play Online Roulette

Roulette – one wheel, one ball, one table, and a whole lot of fun!

Although there are a lot of theories on the origins of the game, the one we know today is undoubtedly French, dating back to the late 18th century. In the next hundred years, the game took Europe by storm, and its popularity has been spreading like wildfire ever since.

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games worldwide, evolving daily thanks to modern technology. 

That’s why, this tiny, exciting wheel, laden with adrenaline and suspense – is now available online! But you have to grasp the basics before you go to an online casino, looking for a few spins!

Online Roulette: The Fundamentals

The online roulette table has pretty much the same set up as the ones in brick-and-mortar casinos.

It consists of a game field with marking (the table), a roulette wheel with 36 red and black pockets, and one or two green pockets – depending on the type of roulette, European (single zero), or American (double zero).

Each pocket has its own particular number and color, which corresponds to the colors of the game field. Numbers 1-36 are colored red and black and zeroes are colored green.

How a Game of Roulette Unfolds

The game starts when the croupier announces that bets can be placed. Players place them on their choice of single numbers, groupings of numbers, or colors (red and black).

Once all players are done betting, the croupier closes the betting and spins the wheel in one direction and the ball in the opposite. The ball starts to lose momentum after some time, slowly moving towards the wheel pockets. It tumbles through the deflectors, bouncing back and forth before finally ending up in a pocket. The croupier then announces the winning number and takes all the bets from the table, after which the winners are paid out – if there are any. 

The Rules of Online Roulette

online roulette rules

The rules of online roulette are the same as the ones in real roulette. 

Choosing Your Table Before Playing Online Roulette

Once you get the grip of the game and the rules, it’s time to consider all the other factors that can affect your performance on roulette tables. Just like in real life, you should always observe a table before sitting down to play on it.

The reason you should do this is simple – different casinos, different roulette tables, different software. This means that different number sequences and patterns will show up. Some are set with a higher chance of winning, some with a lower, and this is all down to basic maths done by a computer. The human factor is not taken into consideration – just a random number generator, one that we all know is not so random sometimes.

So in order to be able to get on the winning train, you’ll need to observe a game before you take part in it. Look for all the numbers in the sequence and try to find a pattern – you’re in it to win it!

Play Free Online Roulette or Paid Online Roulette

The choice is, of course, yours, but there are a few differences you should be aware of. Visually they may look the same, but in reality, they can be operated by two different software algorithms.

How to Play Free Online Roulette?

Free online roulette can be played on almost all casino sites without the need of registering or depositing money. However, it’s worth noting that free versions of roulette are not always the same as the paid version. They have similarities, but sometimes free roulette tables have simpler codes and are easier to predict. Just because you won at a free table, doesn’t mean you’ll win at a real one!

How do I Play Paid Online Roulette?

Paid online roulette is the full version of roulette played in casinos, where real bets are placed, and money is won and lost in real-time.

How to Play Online Roulette: Understanding the Bets

In roulette, all the bets are based on three concepts:

Outside Bets

  • Evens: Red and Black (color of the number), Odd/Even numbers, Low (1-18), and High bet (19-36). These pay 1-to-1;
  • 2-to-1: First dozen (1-12), middle dozen (13-24), last dozen (25-36), and the column bet consisting of 12 numbers – these pay 2-to-1, as the name suggests (if you bet 50 and win, you get 150!)

Inside Bets

These bets have a higher payout but offer a lower chance of winning.

  • Six line: a bet on two rows of numbers, effectively covering six numbers. To bet like this you’ll have to place your bet at the intersection of the edge of the two rows. Pays 5-to-1.
  • Corner: a bet that covers four neighboring numbers. You can bet on one by placing your chip at the intersection of those four numbers. Pays 8-to-1.
  • Street: a bet on a row of numbers, effectively covering three numbers. Pays 11-to-1.
  • Straight up: a bet on a single number. Pays 35-to-1.

Where to Play Online Roulette?

places to play online roulette

Before you pick a casino to quench your thirst for roulette, there are a few things you should look for before deciding to deposit money in it. 

Safety & Security

Regarding safety and security, look for the following to know that you are on a reliable website:

SSL & Data Encryption

Casinos and banks use the same level of encryption for all the data leaving and entering their websites: 128 and 256-bit encryption.

A simple way to know that the casino you picked is safe is to look at the address bar and see if the website starts with ‘https’. This means that they have an SSL certificate and that their data is encrypted.

RNGs (Random Number Generators)

Online roulettes use an RNG software – an algorithm that uses a seed of numbers, combining them to put out results that seem random. Of course, no external input means that the algorithm is working with a pool of numbers, meaning it can be hacked, but the encryption and complexity of the data make this almost impossible.

This means that casinos can actually rip you off by setting the probability at a much lower rate, but the safeguard for that are the testing companies that check casino software for fairness. Look for a badge from a testing company to know that the software checks out!

Privacy Policies

Privacy policies are important when you first start venturing into the world of online casinos. Read up on the privacy policy and the terms and conditions when you sign up or register at an online casino, just to know what they plan to do with your data. Will they keep it safe? Will they sell it to third parties?

If they sell the data, stay away from that casino, that’s an invasion of your privacy and no player should give out financial and personal information.

Gaming Licenses

Online casinos are harder to regulate than brick-and-mortar casinos, which means that they go through rigorous testing and regular screenings and check-ups, just to make sure they uphold all the standards required for them to keep their license.

But authorities that issue licenses for online casinos check for a lot more after they issue a license – it’s not a matter of just software regulation and fairness! They review customer complaints, potential bugs and glitches, rumors of withheld payouts when everything was in order, etc. All these play a role in the authorities’ decisions on whether to renew a specific license or not.

Casino Terms

Leave your expectations at the door when entering an online casino. You might expect certain things or an approach or understanding, but truth be told, if it’s not written in the Terms & Conditions, you’re not going to get it.

Sure, we all just click accept when we get to T&Cs and don’t read them, but when it comes to casinos, you definitely should! They contain valuable info regarding everything you might experience as a player, from winning money and requesting payouts, to how they handle potential glitches and system failures, to everything customer-related!

Final Words

Online roulette might seem all simple and relaxing, but there is more to the story than what you see on the screen. After you get through the basics and get a good grip on how to play roulette, focus on developing strategies and test them. Once you find the strategy that fits your playing style and the type of the roulette, you’re all set to put some money in the equation – and start winning!

Online roulette can be loads of fun for players that are prepared and know their ABC’s regarding the terms and conditions of casino sites. After that, it’s all about spending time on the tables and honing your skills. Of course, don’t forget that there is one thing that’s completely variable: your luck. Some days you’ll have it, others you won’t, but either way, don’t give up – Lady Luck may be just around the corner!

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