How to play live roulette

How To Play Live Roulette

It’s no surprise roulette is one of the most popular games – it’s easy to understand, community-based and no one to compete against except the ball! Perhaps that’s why in any casino, roulette tables always have the loudest players – it’s exciting to play against the spinning wheel!

However, even though roulette it’s an intuitive game, you need to know the ground rules to play it. 

Principles of Playing Live Roulette

For starters, playing live online roulette it’s easier than playing in a land casino. Many of the games are free to enter and you can choose among an endless number of roulette games. Online live roulette games often have progressive jackpots that increase the winning potential, which is better for you as a player.

Side note: you can’t play more than 10 roulette games at once. 

Each live roulette game you’ll play will include a spinning wheel with colored numbers and a live dealer. There are two main types of roulettes – American and European, and they have different rules, but more on that in a bit. 

It’s important to know that roulette is a game of luck – you may have a strategy, but luck will be the definitive winning factor. 

Playing Live Roulette: What are the rules?

rules of playing live roulette

The goal of any roulette game is to guess which color or number the ball will land on once the wheel is spun – nothing too confusing! 

Here are the rules to follow if you want to play a live roulette game:


The roulette is made up of two parts: a wheel and a table. The table is where you place your bets. The table design depends on the type – European and American roulette have different layouts. 

European roulette has 37 numbers (from 0 to 36) and it has a 2.7% house edge – if you’re not the risky type, play this roulette. For the numbers between 1-10 and 19-28, the even numbers are colored black, and the odd numbers are colored red. On the other hand, for the numbers between 11-28 and 29-36, the even numbers are red while the odd ones are black. The zero is usually green. 

American roulette has 38 numbers – from 00 to 36. The American roulette has a higher house edge – 5.26%, so if you want a challenge this one’s for you. The colors of the numbers are exactly the same as with the European roulette – except both zeros – 0 and 00 – are colored green. 


There are two types of bets you can play in online roulette – inside and outside bets. 

Inside bets are bets on single numbers. Some of the most common types of inside bets are the following ones:

  • Straight – a single number bet with 35:1 payout;
  • Split bet (Cheval) – a bet placed on the line between two adjacent numbers, with 17:1 payout;
  • Street – bet placed on three horizontal numbers in one row, 11:1 payout;
  • Corner – bet on the intersection of four numbers, 8:1 payout; 
  • Line – a bet placed on two rows with six separate numbers, 5:1 payout. 

Outside bets are bets on groups of numbers. There are countless combinations with outside bets – here are some of the most popular ones:  

  • 1st 12 Dozen – bet that covers numbers from 1 to 12 
  • 2nd 12 Dozen – bet that covers numbers from 13 to 24
  • 3rd 12 Dozen – bet that covers numbers from 25 – 36
  • Odd – a bet that covers all odd numbers
  • Even – a bet that covers all even numbers
  • Red – a bet that covers all red numbers
  • Black – a bet that covers all black numbers
  • High – a bet that covers all numbers between 19-36
  • Low – a bet that covers all numbers between 1-18

Generally speaking, you have better odds of winning with outside bets, but you can win more with inside bets.

One more thing: when it comes to live roulette, there are some phrases you need to know before playing the game. 

One such phrase is La Partage rule – if the ball lands on the number zero, you’ll never bet on that number. You’ll only lose half of your stake instead of all of it, which cuts down the house edge. Another phrase is El Prison – it only applies to the even money bets. If the rule El Prison it’s in motion, then once the ball is dropped on the number zero, every player has a chance to win the money you’d bet on. 

So with the rules in mind, how do you actually play?

How to Play Live Roulette: How to Play a Game

how to play the game of live roulette

Here’s what you’ll encounter once you decide to spend some time and money playing live roulette:

  1. Instructions 

Whenever you enter a new casino to play live roulette, an instruction panel will be shown on your screen. It’ll have all the necessary info you need to know to play the game.

2. Betting 

The time for placing bets is relatively short, so make sure you catch it! As this is online betting, you don’t have to worry about placing the chips – just hover over the number – it’ll get highlighted and place the bets automatically.

3. Dealer 

Many of the live roulette games have a dealer – an actual person on camera who spins the wheel. However, some online casinos have computer-generated tables and only the dealer and the wheel are present. 

4. Spinning the wheel 

Once all the bets are placed, it’s time to spin the wheel. The ball falls into one numbered pocket and the winning number is revealed. If you win, you’ll get a payout, and if you lose, the chips are taken away from you. 

As you can see, understanding the game of roulette is pretty simple. 

How to Choose a Site to Play Live Roulette?

While playing live roulette may be easy, finding the best online casino is not. If you want to play safe live roulette, look for these traits in the online casino: 

Security and Licences 

A license is a proof for legitimate work so if you want to play safe live roulette, look for a license badge on the casino’s website. Any legit casino will have it on display, but if you have to look for it, that casino is probably not the safest place to bet your money. 


Some online casinos offer welcome bonuses or first deposit bonuses. However, sometimes these bonuses aren’t free at all, and they require you to deposit some money. So, to make sure you don’t get scammed, read the casino’s review before deciding to play a hand. 

Withdrawal Methods 

Any legit online casino should offer a range of withdrawal methods. If the one you pick has limited options, you might want to choose another one. Money should always be a matter of security and if you don’t feel safe depositing your money then you shouldn’t be playing in that online casino. 

Playing live roulette is nothing to be scared of – it’s pretty simple and easy to learn. Just be prepared whenever you play a game and you’re good to go.

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