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What’s the Claim are they legit?

As suggested by the community, here is my review for to review if it is a scam or a legit service to use.

Here I will go through the claims made by them and the process of registration and execution to see whether or not is a scam or legit!

alpha roulette scam
      Spinning the Wheel of Dreams

The claim is that the software provided learns through the data inputted. Basically the software is making hundreds of calculations a second in real time to analyze the best strategy an individual can implement to maximize their earning potential. This allows for bet optimization on online roulette games. 

Alpha Roulette claims to have developed state of the art software that  combines capital management, optimized betting sequences and the analysis of the RNG algorithm allowing to generate stable and secure profits at many online casinos. Whilst this sounds too good to be true there are known programs that use this tech. 

Simply put, they provide a software solution that calculates the best chances of a win when playing roulette essentially allowing for more profits during an online gaming session. In simple terms they claim to:

  • Guaranteed to end every session in profit
  • Offer an average earning of €45 per hour
  • Free to register and use the platform and access to community areas 
  • Investment in you

How do the claims of stand up?

Was it free?

I was able to sign up and register for free at

no credit card or payment details were required, this was a good start! You can follow my step by step guide in the next post (here)

Did I earn €45 per hour, did it increase my win ratio?

Quite simply, no. I have yet to consistently reach this figure but this was stated as an average and I have not been playing enough sessions in the time I had for testing. You have to work at it but I don’t see it as impossible. I could see that the number of sessions I had played was less than the top earners. earnings wins
My First Months Earnings

However, it is clear that when using the software my performance and win ratio did increase significantly.

I would state that achieving earnings of close to €8000 per month is quite possible.

Did they Invest money in me?

This would have been the clincher for me. This is the first alarm bell indicating that Alpha Roulette is a scam. I have heard countless claims of companies investing or partnering with online workers so I was very skeptical regarding this claim.

Once my registration process had taken place I was contacted and welcomed by my account manager. Once this had happened there is a training or induction stage that was a little time consuming but made sure I fully understood the software, platform and what I needed to do in order to make it work.

Much to my surprise the investment is real. As with any roulette game online you need a balance in order to play and ultimately win. Alpha Roulette pointed me in the direction of the best table for their software and after I had made my initial deposit with the casino my account manager immediately credited my account with a deposit in according to mine.

I placed only €200 and was given an extra €200 by the account team. I learned later however that I could have gotten more by making a larger initial deposit. The most you can receive is a whopping €2000 by only depositing €1000. You can see the payout chart below in the Step by Step guide.

Bonus Table
Investment structure for

Site Trustworthiness/Blacklists for, Scam or Fraud:

Although the domain is stated as registered new there’s a clear history of ownership and an established community that suggests that it is not a scam site as results would normally suggest. I have found records and versions dating back until 2014 with no real issues to report. Google reported that the site is not listed as suspicious and is safe for browsing.

Contact details:

My first point of contact had to be via a web submit form on the website. The service is offered in the following languages:

  • English
  • French
  • German

I thought about asking directly whether is a scam or legit? But I am fairly certain they would just say no, hence this review.

Once on the platform there are also options to chat with your account manager. Response time was swift with no issues, from what I could ascertain both English and French languages are catered for.

For safety is not a gadget but a state of mind.

Eleanor Everet

Hidden/Cloaked Code:

No cloaked or hidden code or links (no affiliation links!) located on the site or with the software. It passed all checks.

Payments and Payment Options:

As their service is offered for free there was no need to enter any payment details into their site whatsoever. The only payment I made was to the casino to deposit my bankroll.

I had tried by my credit card but at the time the casino was having some issues so I decided to buy a top up cash voucher, such as CashLib, to not waste time, which worked immediately, you can purchase these online.

Options for Payment include:

  • Visa
  • Visa Electron
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro
  • Paysafecard
  • CashLib
  • Bitcoin
  • Neosurf
  • Entropay

Conclusions for, scam, fraud or authorized?

I always go into these reviews and new concepts with an open mind leaning towards the skeptical, my initial thoughts that this was too good to be true and there are hidden costs associated down the line or data collection exercise.   

With reviewing the site and the community comments I can understand why people are skeptical as this is a more advanced and hands on solution than the norm.

After contacting and getting a response from the customer service team I decided to sign up, as it was free, and take it from there. Follow the step by step guide to see the process here:

There was no indication of any scam at, however I feel that it is a slightly confusing process, especially to those who are not used to an online casino.

Now fully understanding the concept and though only 4 weeks into testing I can say with certainty that this is not a scam, however that is not to say that this is a plug and play solution.

This could be classed as beginner or expert level software depending on how you use it. A beginner to implementing roulette strategies could save themselves hundreds if not thousands in lost profits by starting with a solution like this as it is a great way to store and manage your data and plays. 

The helpful community section also offers advice that would be invaluable to newcomers, also offering full transparency on all members.

Community transparency view, earnings, comments and media
Community Area

For the more advanced players Alpha Roulette offers a structured and capable playing strategy.

This solution is dependent on how you set it up, the key is reliable data so it is imperative that you follow instructions at all times as you can lose if not paying attention.

This software has its advantages not only in maximizing profits from each play but also saves time, this can be invaluable for the serious and committed player. 

As a reviewer of the end product I can’t fault the stated claims, it does exactly what it is supposed to do

If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.

Jim Rohn

However, in general for ease of use, the formal training and then the operation of the software would lead me to recommend for players/online earners at the intermediate to expert level to see the returns advertised.

The only negative I can state at this stage is that I am only allowed to withdraw my winnings after a certain date.

The date I have been given is 23 days since I finished the training. When contacting account support about this I was informed that due to larger payments with the casino they have arranged strict deposit and withdrawal days for the community members in order to minimize any issues.  

I have reservations regarding this but it can also make sense.

So,, Scam or Safe?

The crucial point of this review: is scam or legit?

Overall Alpha Roulette is not only a safe option to use I have even included it to my own arsenal for online earning follow the step by step guide below to see the review process in full, all the best.

certified trusted scam safe
If you are seeing this then you can trust

9 Replies to “ Review: Scam or Legit?”

  1. I have used this software since November 19, you have to put the time in but otherwise a solid system, cant complain
    If I can ask, how many hours do you work and whats your highest earnings so far 🙂

    1. Great stuff!!! pm your username, my highest earnings depending on session or in total?
      Seems you have been going a month longer than me, whats your highest daily so far?

    1. Hey Roulette Queen! dont need to ask you whether you play or not 🙂
      No affiliates links or invites needed, just follow the reg link

      Would just like to add, in no way have I received payment or any bonuses from this company or any other company that will be reviewed here! thanks and all the best!

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