My Roulette debut


You’re probably wondering who’s behind the Online-moneymaker blog posts, and I’ll give you the answer. My name is Gregory, I am 48 years old and I am passionate about the game of roulette, gambling and casinos. 30 years ago I went to the casino with friends to celebrate my 18th birthday and since that day I have been passionate about the world of gambling, the attraction of winning, the adrenaline that comes from playing roulette and other casino games. Like all beginner gamblers, I started playing roulette outside of work hours, mostly on weekends. The fun was real, I would escape for an evening of my daily life, dreaming of pocketing my first big winnings. As you can imagine, without an established strategy, it is difficult to move forward in a game that is based on mathematics and probability. Pocketing a few hundred euros per weekend, with the losers the following weekend, I told myself that I had to apply a method, that I had to put rigour and a strategy in place.

After doing some research and talking to experienced roulette players, I heard about the martingale method for roulette. I must admit that the principle seemed rather simplistic to me, and therefore difficult to know if it really works. So the best way to find out was to apply this method to win at roulette. After my first weekend of testing, the results were pretty conclusive, was it a stroke of luck? Curious, I started the experiment again, once, twice… after several weeks the profit started to accumulate and become more and more important. The money won at the casino roulette became more important than my income from my work. The equation was quick : why not play roulette full time to maximize my profit and my chances of being financially independent ?

From Casual to Professional Roulette Player

casino roulette

So it was at the age of 24 that I started playing roulette full time with the martingale strategy. I played every 2 days or so, so as not to risk losing everything too quickly. The winnings were real, my methodology worked, I learned how to manage my bankroll, how to invest my winnings, how to rebuild myself after a loss of a bet, after a series of defeats. As former players tell me, experience comes with practice. so I quit my job with about 4600€ in my bankroll, after 6 months I reached about 9000€ profit. which is a nice amount without really “working”. Like all casino and roulette players, I started to have more ambition, and to increase my stakes. After a year and a half as a professional roulette player using the martingale method, I have reached €52,000 in winnings.

My experience with online roulette

Playing roulette in a casino is very exciting, the setting gives you adrenaline, the feeling of being in a James Bond movie, but that’s not all. The advent of online casinos has definitely changed my way of playing and multiplied my profit. How and why would you tell me? First of all, I’ve moved from a noisy setting (slot machines, falling chips, other players) and conducive to distraction (music, cocktails etc.), to a quiet setting that’s ideal for concentration. The second factor that allowed me to multiply my roulette winnings was being able to bet on different tables at the same time while maintaining my martingale technique.

If I can give you a tip to increase your winnings : play roulette online. If you like the casino setting you can always go there occasionally for entertainment (be careful with your bets and distractions though).

A new start with

I left England when I was 27 years old to travel (Thailand, Australia, Eastern Europe, France) while playing online roulette with stable winnings, without working too hard. Add to this the discovery of the software. As its name indicates, alpharoulette is an algorithm that assists you in the roulette bets. The software calculates the different probabilities in real time and tells you which bets to make on the online roulette table. At the beginning I was rather sceptical about using an external tool. Why not rely on my instinct and my method, which has worked very well so far? I had a hunch, an intuition. Like when I decided to go from being a casual player to a professional.

Again, my hunch was right. After several tests and training on the platform, the results were positive, so I decided to use the software 1 session out of 3 in order not to leave aside my pleasure of playing and to keep control over my bankroll. Each session with the software was conclusive, so I switched to 1 session out of 2 with alpharoulette. As the days went by, my winnings increased exponentially. And to top it all off, behind this roulette solution there are account managers who support you in managing your winnings. They contact you directly to ensure regular follow-up.

Why create the blog ?

I have recently created this roulette blog to help all roulette enthusiasts and players online or in a casino. It seemed obvious to me to share my experience, my life experience, my advices, the mistakes to avoid when playing roulette with a passionate community. On this blog you will find all my techniques and advice on playing roulette and other casino and sports betting games. Internet is one of the best ways to make money easily, with a methodology and organization of course. If you wish to contact me for more information about my background, opinions and recommendations, leave a comment under my articles.